Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tweeting about Twerking?

Who will be the 5000th person to read this blog? Who will click on a link on Linkedin or Facebook for the big 5 oh oh oh? Today will be a blog about blogging, not a tweet about twerking, or a twerk about tweeting, there will be no more mention of Miley Cyrus in Syria to boost numbers. What you click is what you get.

My wife was the one who suggested that I start blogging. She was annoyed that I was posting too much on Facebook. There is a time and a place to post too much information, it's called Twitter. I haven't posted on Twitter in months. I am still on Facebook too much, but that's another column for another time.

I've had a blog before, back in my Myspace days. At one time I was getting a few thousand people a day reading my silly stories. In the days before Catfish, I routinely added EVERY pretty face that asked for a friend request including Tila Tequila. I've also had my column where thousands of people have checked me out. I am supposedly getting paid for my examiner column, about two or three dollars a month.

This blog has been more intimate and unpaid. It has allegedly focused on my writing, but the real world has slipped in on occasion. I've also posted about family, work and other aspects of my life. I was hoping that the blog would win and award and then be turned into the next Sex and the City, but it didn't and it's not.

So to you, Mr. or Ms. 5000, as well as those thirty before and thiry after; thanks for you incredible support. I seem to be getting more hits every day, so the blog is getting bigger and bigger. If you have any suggestions on how to get me to 5,000 a day, please let me know. I want to write about real life and not tweet about twerking.

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