Thursday, January 31, 2013

When do you write?

I am up at five this morning to write. It's still dark, a little cold, and totally quiet. Paul Simon talked about the sound of silence, well the pre-dawn darkness is my old friend when it comes to my writing. There are people who can only write in the late evening, some who can only write in daylight. What kind of writer are you?

I can remember my dreams, and I get an overwhelming urge to run down and put the dreams on paper, well, put the dreams onto the computer screen.

Caffeine can be the writer's friend. I can be the spokesperson for the Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso in a can. You open one up, chug it down, and then instantly you are awake. I used to drink tea BEFORE bed, as a way of deliberately getting insomnia and forcing myself to dream. I don't do that anymore, there's too much stress out in life anyway.

 Hunter S Thompson would alternate between drinking black coffee and whiskey as he worked.  If you see interviews with Hunter S Thompson in his twenties, it worked. The man was brilliant. If you see interviews with Hunter S Thompson later in his life, you realized that he probably shaved off a few IQ points with this regimen. I can barely spell when I'm sober, so I will never write when under the influence. Perhaps that should be a crime ...WWI.

Unless you're Hemingway or a young Hunter S, do not attempt at home...

So I've managed to get a few hundred words of the blog done, and then it's time to check facebook, and then do some revisions on the novel. I do love the sounds of silence in the morning. It's when the sound of typing on my computer sounds the best.