Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus Masterpiece Theater

My goal is to be the Miley Cyrus of darkly comic southwestern legal thrillers, without the twerking. I am not sure what twerking is, and not sure my middle aged bones can handle even ten seconds of twerk. Still, everyone is talking, excuse me everybody is tweeting about Miley's at the VMAs over the weekend. She is no longer Hannah Montana, Hannah Nevada or even Hannah North and South Dakota put together. She is bigger than  that after only two songs, one of which wasn't hers, but Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines. 

Maybe I am getting older, but I wish that the TV set had blurred more of Miley's performance.

My goal of course is to write something that everyone will tweet about over the weekend. As I write about the southwest, my goal is to be Hannah Tenth Judicial District without blurring any ethical lines. The problem is that I don't want to go write the literary equivalent of Miley Cyrus's performance.

I do indeed have something coming out onto the internet in a few weeks. I'm putting the final touches on Laws & Loves which are allegedly true stories of my early law career. Unlike Miley, I'm doing a lot of editing.  At one time, Laws & Loves was called "Legal Lapdances." In fact, a collection of my stories with that very name won the Southwest Writers non-fiction book proposal category five years ago and people loved the edgy titles. I am too old to be edgy. There will be no lapdances, legal or otherwise in this collection. I do like the title Laws  & Loves, but there will be more about laws and less about love.

Even though the Laws & Loves focuses on my stories up till I was age 36, it is now PG 13. There are no swears, no sex and certainly no twerking.

I was just reading Forbes Magazine's list of the highest paid entertainers, and Miley was not even in the top ten. The number one performed was even older than myself, and she made her 350 million the hard way--through hard work, constant touring and skillful marketing. She would never resort to cheap shocks like Miley Cyrus. Her name-- Madonna.

Perhaps I don't want to be the Miley Cyrus of darkly comic southwestern legal thrillers after all... I wanna be like Madonna!

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