Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You Can't Win 'em All!

I had a plan, an excellent plan. I submitted this blog into the Southwest Writer's Contest. I was going to win the grand prize and get a big deal. Producer Vince Gilligan would happen to be reading the story in the paper and option it, and a series based on the blog would have Breaking Bad's time slot on AMC this Spring . . .

This was not that far fetched, I had won and taken second in the category before.  A good friend of mine has won the contest and got a multi-book deal and his stuff wasn't that much better than mine.

Everything looked like it was on track when the blog made the top twenty a few weeks ago. The plan even an unexpected boost when I became involved with the Southwest Writer's Anthology project. I had buzz. All I had to do was place with the blog, and I would be breaking good.

Unfortunately Sunday night, I learned that not only did this blog not win, it hadn't even made the final three. My dream was over before it began. Or was it?

I also had a back-up plan, a Plan B. My collection of short non-fiction has won the Southwest Writers contest before, twice. I never did anything with those collections, which is now is a sprawling 80,000 words.
It is now called Laws and Loves. It can easily be turned into several ebooks.

So we're going with Plan B. Sometime this Fall, you will see the first installment of  Laws and Loves on amazon.com as an ebook.

As for this blog, I'm going to keep on blogging even if its not a winner. Who knows, maybe this will be a winner next year.

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