Friday, August 16, 2013

Breaking Windows

There are only seven more episodes of Breaking Bad. The Breaking Bad Window will last about one year. Breaking Bad Window? Right now, Hollywood is looking for the next Breaking Bad after six million people watched the season premiere of the old Breaking Bad. I assume that most of the five thousand of you who've read this blog are thinking the same thing, "I've got your next Breaking Bad right here."
(I assume your pointing to the left side of your brain as you say that).

I think the window for us is not large. Someone else will put out another show on another network that is billed as the next Breaking bad. It will be Breaking Mediocre and then Breaking Bad ratings and then Breaking Canceled.

We'll hear anti-heroes are out this year. Don't believe me, look at Mad Men. Several shows tried to imitate the Mad Men vibe and failed utterly. There have been no zombie shows on network TV since Walking Dead.

Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and Mad men are on AMC. Perhaps I should pitch a show about sixties advertising executives who turn into zombies and make meth. Zombies on meth? That  actually isn't a bad idea. It will probably be on Starz next week.

So how I am trying to break through the window? Laws & Loves. my collection of non-fiction will be published as an ebook in the next few months. This blog might be published as well. If my novel, Rattlesnake Wedding wins anything in the New Mexico book of the year awards, I might be pitching that as well.

However the paradigm has changed. I don't think I will be pitching in the old sense of taking a meeting with someone out there. New Mexico has changed.  New Mexico now has an active film community. We might be able to do something ourselves. We could make a five minute sample, post it on youtube. Get our friends to watch it and pray . . .

But the Breaking Bad window is indeed open right now. But it won't be open forever . . .

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