Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tipping Point

I really feel like I'm close to a tipping point in my writing career. Then again, I've been at a tipping point for thirteen years. So when will I finally tip? At next week's signing at Barnes and Noble perhaps?

I've read the Malcolm Gladwell books about success, including Tipping Point. He talked about the ten thousand hours that someone needs to devote to their craft. I don't even want to calculate the thousands of hours I've already put in. It's more than ten thousand.

With my 5.000 Facebook friends, 1,200 Linkedin connections, not to mention the hundreds of people I see every day, it is only a matter of time. Somebody will say something about me to someone who does have the power to tip everything over. I have to stay positive at all times.

Last night at a Hastings, I sold a dozen books in a short space of time. Any one of those folks could be a book blogger and pass the book along to their connections. All it takes is one and you never know who it is.

Barnes and Noble signings are interesting because of the sheer volume of potential tippers. I should sell around forty books. At one signing, the Hemsworth who played Thor was shopping in the store as I was signing. Had Thor decided to buy the book, I would have been literally struck by a thunderbolt.

So I will keep plugging away. You have to stand tall in order to tip over.

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