Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Barnes and Bubonicon

You've hard of Barnes and Noble, but Barnes and Bubonicon? I'm definitely signing at a Barnes and Noble bookstore this weekend. I might also sign at the Bubonicon fantasy festival.  I've sold more books at the Barnes and Noble in Coronado Center then any other venue, anywhere in the world. I like the store so much that I often go there on weekends and read movie and science fiction magazine. When I am at Bubonicon, I feel like I've been sucked into the pages of the science fiction magazine and stuck within one of the panels staring out at the world. It is not necessarily a bad experience.

I sell a lot of books at Bubonicon as well  . . .

As I've said in previous blogs, at a Barnes and Noble signing I met the actor who played Thor. He was in town filming the Avengers. He did not buy my book. At my Bubonicon signing I met three people dressed up like Thor, one dressed like Loki, and one dressed like Thor's furry pet goat. (I didn't know Thor had a furry pet goat, but the person in the costume explained that he did now!)  The costumed Thors didn't buy the book, but the pet goat did. And bought one for his or her  friend who was apparently dressed up like Thor's pet cat.

At Barnes and Noble I feel like I am in America. At Bubonicon, I am in Asgard, in Westeros, and if I'm not in Middle Earth, then I am in Middle Earth Adjacent.

I have a Barnes and Noble voice and a Bubonicon voice. There is a wider range of people coming through BN, so I vary my sales pitch for them. At Bubonicon I focus on the fantasy aspects of each of my books, law is its own fantasy world I suppose.

So drop by Barnes and Noble. Drop by Bubonicon too. If only there could be a place called Barnes and Bubonicon.

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