Monday, August 19, 2013

Breaking Better? Breaking Worse

I'd like to break better, but I know I'll break worse. Sunday, I spent all morning revising my old non-fiction material to turn it into a book. If I were to get the material edited to 99% pure, turned into a screenplay by Adam Sorkin, and then have said screenplay directed by Martin Scorcese, it still wouldn't be as good as last night's episode of Breaking Bad. I didn't think these last episodes could possible live up to the hype.

I was wrong.

I was obsessed with Lost a few years ago. However, I've only been to Hawaii once and I've certainly never been to an uncharted island on the space time continuum that is the cork on the bottle of the smoke monster or whatever. I live in Albuquerque. On the latest episodes of Breaking Bad, one scene took place twenty yards from my office, and another took place less than a mile from where I was watching it last night. I saw them film another scene and I think you can hear the distinctive sound of my car's engine on the first episode.

Lost made the unreal seem real. Breaking Bad is making the reality even realer, if that is possible. I've mentioned that I now work in the building that served as Tuco's hideout?

So what am I trying to write? Laws & Loves Part I is a collection of my non-fiction writing, with Part I focusing on my adventures as a young lawyer. I'm hoping to get it published as an e-book later this year in conjunction with some other projects. I'm trying to arrange the stories into something resembling a character arc. In Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan says that Mr. Chips becomes Scarface. In Laws & Loves, the hero based on me goes from being a naive young lawyer to Atticus Finch. Well, let's just say he won't get there until Part III and IV. Did I mention that it could also be male version of Sex in the City without the sex, the city or the shoes?

Could Laws & Loves be the basis of a TV series? Why not?. I've had a lot of interesting things happen to me as a lawyer that would work in a TV setting. I'm thinking Netflix right now.

I finished up writing at noon yesterday thinking that I had something with the thirty-five thousand words. I think it is the best thing I've ever written. As I took a run, I actually started imagining the casting and dreaming of the royalties that would come next week after a million people downloaded it.

And then I saw last Breaking Bad and realized how far I still have to go before I could break even half as good. 

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