Friday, September 27, 2013

My New Mexico, Breaking Bad's New Mexico

I had an earlier blog about my Albuquerque versus the Albuquerque of Breaking Bad. As I go on a book tour to Silver City, NM, I can't help but think of my entire state of New Mexico as opposed to the more limited New Mexico portrayed on the TV show. I like mine better!

The one thing about the show is that they try to have showdowns in the most photogenic places possible. The site of the fist cookout and final shootout could be taken out of a western film. They indeed shoot on film which makes the colors and the shadows pop even more on the small screen.

The train robbery in dark territory was another scene that could have been from a film.

Unfortunately, every beautiful New Mexico scene is fraught with danger. It's the humans causing the damage. I'm sure there's a symbol of the something. My New Mexico inspires other emotions.

There are places in this state I hope that they never film, and I'm driving to some of them this weekend. The solitude of the drive between Socorro and T or C, and then the extreme solitude of the turn off between Hatch and Deming. You just don't see 46 miles of nothing anymore. I might take the scenic route back from Silver City which has one of my favorite windy roads. The first sighting of the Sandias in any direction, from the east, west north or south gives me a sense of relief that my journey is nearing an end.

I have some other great locations. Don't expect to see them in a film anytime soon.
The new Star Wars is filming here in the next few months. I have mixed emotions about that one.

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