Thursday, September 19, 2013

Miley Cyrus, Grand Theft Auto, Breaking Bad & Me

Miley Cyrus has the number one album in the county, the game Grand Theft Auto made 800 million in a day, but there were more articles written about Breaking Bad in the websites I checked this week. What does that mean for me when my e-book comes out? I'm not sure.

Does anyone who watch Breaking Bad buy Miley Cyrus's albums? Did anyone in America purchase all three entertainment products? Would someone who listened to Miley Cyrus's album want to purchase my e-book? As for Grand Theft Auto V, it was the biggest launch of an an entertainment product in history. More people purchased it in a 24 hour period than saw Robert Downey Junior in Iron Man or Superman made in their entire runs. Yet, in my electronic world, I read six different recaps of Breaking Bad and I did not  see a review of Grand Theft Auto. I certainly did not see an ad for Grand Theft Auto or Miley Cyrus on the Breaking Bad commercial breaks. How many Breaking Bad viewers even have the appropriate console for Grand Theft Auto.

I'm bringing this up to describe the fracturing of American entertainment. It is not necessarily a bad thing. If Grand Theft Auto had tried to be a TV show, would it even get picked up by the networks. I think Breaking Bad could actually make it as a game, but that's another story. I'm not saying that Grand Theft Auto is better or worse than Breaking Bad. When we saw the clips from the show while we were watching the Daily Show, we were suitably amazed. I am intrigued and might get a used a year when the prices goes down.

I certainly can't say I want to ever buy Miley Cyrus's album.

Which brings us to my books. I figure that I am in the Breaking Bad demographic, whatever that is. Do Gamers read? The sheer numbers of the GTA launch indicates that they do. While Barnes and Nobles doesn't sell games, Hastings does, Walmart does. Those stores sell my book, so conceivably someone could go to the store and buy the game and one of my books.

Then again, maybe I can go on tour with Miley...

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