Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An open letter to Vince Gilligan of Breaking Bad

Dear Mr. Gilligan:

I understand that there will be a spin-off to Breaking Bad called Better Call Saul. Please hire me as a staff writer. You are receiving thousands of solicitations from people who are writers, and people who are lawyers and people from New Mexico. This will be one of the only letters from someone who is all three.

As a writer and novelist, I have an MFA in film from the American Film Institute. As an associate producer, I wrote thirteen episodes that aired for the television show, Arrest and Trial which re-created famous crimes. One episode was about the Ninja Bandit, a cop who dressed up like a Ninja and robbed banks. That certainly sounds like a case for Saul. I had to move back to New Mexico because my Dad had cancer and resume practicing law. I have written seven novels, crime thrillers all of them set in New Mexico. La Bajada Lawyer took second place in the Foreword Magazine National Book of the Year contest, mystery category, Lawyer Geisha Pink took third. Lawyer Geisha Pink sounds like something that Badger and Skinny Pete would love. All my recent novels have been finalists in the New Mexico book of the year contest.

As an attorney, I have represented thousands of New Mexicans through the public defender contract. I've had many trials involving drug manufacturing throughout the state. I've visited jails and penal institutions throughout the state on a weekly basis. I'm certainly the only applicant who knows the difference between hydrous and anhydruous ammonia and its role in manufacturing.

I grew up in New Mexico only a few miles from Hank's house. I've practiced law here for most of my professional career and done cases in many of the judicial districts of New Mexico. I know many of the dark corners of the state that no one else knows of. I have story ideas and locations that no one else can have.

So please hire me. I'm available immediately. Thank you for your consideration.

References available upon request.


Jonathan Miller


  1. I certainly hope this gets his attention.

  2. I know from personal experience that you could write this better than any Hollywood type. The stories you could tell! Squirrel dust???? How about the guy who was wrong place, wrong time for felony possession of cocaine, because he was looking at a boat! You are the right guy for this. Wish I had the contacts to make it happen for you.