Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Royal Baby at a Book Signing

I'm doing a book signing somewhere in America on Friday, but I'm not saying where. It's like Will, Kate and the Royal Baby doing a joint appearance at a small club downtown. Well, not really, but I'm trying an experiment. I want to know if publicity matters. I might as well make a contest of it--the first person who sees me at the store and mentions the blog, gets a free book. Just don't mention the royal baby.

I am not the royal baby by the way. No one will fly across the ocean just to hear me cry. No one is laying odds on the name of my next book. The odds are the next book will be called "Rattlesnake Blogger" by the way.

I've always said that publicity is meant for the people who DON'T come to an event. I liken it to promoting the NFL. I have seen thousands if not millions of ads for football games, and yet I have not attended an NFL game as an adult. One million ads have not convinced me to shell out a hundred dollars or so for a ticket. I have never purchased any NFL memorabilia either. However, I watch football every week during the season, so it must be working.

Several thousand people were exposed to publicity about my last signing. Needless to say, several thousand people did NOT show up. I had a great turn out and great sales, but I was disappointed. At the event on Friday, I'm going to focus on the people in the room. I am going to live in the moment. I bet I sell more and doubt less. I won't be a baby.

Will people read this article and drive around town looking for me? Probably not. Will someone spot me in a bookstore and then post it on the internet and then tell their friend? Possibly. Most likely, someone in the store, might say "I've heard of you," and buy the book. That will take a lot less effort on my part.

So Friday night, be on the look out at a store that sells books somewhere in Albuquerque...Mention the blog and get a book, as long as you don't mention the baby.

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