Friday, July 19, 2013

Rattlesnake Butcher, Rattlesnake Baker, Rattlesnake Candlestick Maker

I am known as the Rattlesnake Lawyer. This Saturday, 3 PM at Bookworks, I will tell you how to become the Rattlesnake Butcher, Baker or Candlestick Maker, or whatever line of work you are in.
So just what is a Rattlesnake Lawyer anyhow?

I was a public defender in Roswell to start my career, yes THAT Roswell. On my way down there, I had begun working on a diary, so I was recording my thoughts into a tape recorder. After two hours of absolute oblivion, I passed over the County line into the Fighting Fifth Judicial District and the first evidence of life was a sign that said "Watch for Rattlesnakes" on Route 285 at the Mesa rest stop.

At that moment, I decided my diary would be called Rattlesnake Lawyer. I am now on my seventh Rattlesnake Lawyer novel. I have rattlesnakes on my business cards. And yet, even I'm not always sure what the term means.

In its strictest sense, a Rattlesnake Lawyer is someone who adapts to a harsh environment and like the sign says it is someone or something worth watching. A rattlesnake is not like any old snake, it's got style! It's not just worth watching, it's worth listening to as well.

So what does that mean to you butchers, bakers and candlestick makers? I don't know if I want to meet the Rattlesnake Butcher or Baker, but I do want to know about candles. To be the candle maker for example, would mean that you are doing your best in the highly competitive candle making economy and also that you are worth watching. I'm sure there are crazy stories out there in the candle business, outsize personalities, bruised egos and the like. There IS a novel about candles and YOU can be the one who writes it.

EVERY profession, even the lack of profession is worth writing about, because every human being is worth writing about. So come to my talk on Saturday and I will tell you about how to get started, how to get finished, how to get published, how to get promoted and how to get BITTEN!

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