Monday, July 22, 2013

Klout in the Street

Klout is the worst thing that has happened to the internet. Klout is like a drug that makes you do things that you regret. By the way, my Klout score is higher than yours.

For those who don't know, (ie people without Klout) Klout is an alleged ranking of your influence on the internet. Your score goes up every time someone comments on your Facebook post, shares your link, or even likes the photo you post of your cat. I'm not sure if its better to be liked a hundred times for one post, or to post a hundred times and get a single like for each post.

It would be better if I actually got paid for each like, and I could use my Klout score to negotiate a better contract.

 By reading this article, my Klout score goes up. Or at least it doesn't go down. I think so, no one knows how Klout works or if they change their algorithm on a daily basis.
Al Gore allegedly invented the algorithm, but that's a different story.

As an author with an e-book available on Amazon, I became obsessed with my Klout score. I think the President and/or Justin Bieber has the highest Klout score of 99. Just imagine if Justin Bieber became President.

I didn't care if my book wasn't selling, as long as people were liking on my Facebook posts. I had nearly 5.000 friends on Facebook which meant I should get a lot of likes. My score reached a high of 63 shortly after my wedding a year ago, and 93 people clicked that they liked my status change. I started posting less and my Klout score plummeted every day to a low of 55 early this summer, but then I added LinkedIn. On my first anniversary a few weeks ago, and with a thousand LinkedIn connections, I made it back to 62. If I were to get onto Twitter, and do posts about Kim Kardashian having an illegitimate son with Prince William, my score would go higher.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my Klout score was higher than several models and semi-celebrities. Well it is now, but it wasn't a few weeks ago . . . Unfortunately, I post too much on some days, and I find that there are diminishing returns. The more you post, the less likes you get. If I only knew the algorithm.

So I am making a vow not to check my Klout score this week, and try to focus on quality and not quantity. Maybe that will make my Klout score go up . . .

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