Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

Rattlesnake Wedding will get its official trade paperback release on amazon next Tuesday, March 19. Amazon debuts are much like an IPO of a Wall Street stock. Remember Charlie Sheen in Wall Street? I have this vision of a young, relatively sober Charlie Sheen calling the "Wall Street Chronicle" and saying "Blue Horshoe loves Rattlesnake Wedding."  Suddenly, computer screens all over the world are focused on the the amazon rankings. Analysts in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Rotterdam go wild as and shell out their $14.95.

Will the book price close at $19.95 by the end of the day or should they sell when the book hits 15?

Actually the price will stay the same, it's just that the amazon ranking will go up, a subtle difference. Then again, the price could rise in other ways. As Charlie said to Daryl Public, "I'll take you public." I could go public, as there could indeed be a bidding war as Hollywood studios and media empires all over the world try to get a piece of me. Am I worth more with ancillary rights attached? To best honest, I'm not even sure what ancillary rights are, but I'm sure they're good.

It could happen. Nearly a thousand people downloaded an earlier book, Rattlesnake Lawyer, when it was free. Perhaps the stars will align, and each will tell a thousand of their friends so a MILLION people will buy the book, all in the same hour. My book launch could be like the Facebook IPO...

Oh wait, the Facebook IPO tanked and people lost millions.

Thankfully, if my book only sells a single copy, no one really loses the money. Realistically, a handful of people will probably buy the book, some might use a coupon. To be honest, I hope that ONE stranger buys my book that day. Just one...

That's public enough for me!

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  1. Good luck with the launch Jonathon. I hope it's successful. FYI, I'm reviewing Indie Authors on my blog
    Feel free to drop by and let me know if you're interested in a review. Happy to help another author get read by at least one stranger :)