Sunday, March 31, 2013

Book Blitz

"Is this your first book signing?" Someone asked me at Barnes and Noble.
"Well, actually, I've done several hundred," I said. "But it feels like I'm starting over again."

Yesterday was the world premiere book signing for Rattlesnake Wedding at Barnes and Noble. It was one of my best signings ever. I am happy to say that books are not dead...yet.

The store was pleasantly crowded on a Saturday afternoon. People were cheerful and with the exception of some teenager girls carrying bags filled with clothes from "The Buckle" no one complained about not having any money.

One of the last times I did a signing at this store, I ran into the guy who played Thor, who was in town filming the Avengers. He did not buy a book. This time I ran into someone who had read my other books in prison. A woman who hosts a TV show in Gallup wants to interview me for her show. Her husband had to pay for her copy.

I wore my famous rattlesnake boots and it created energy. The first person who came in the door bought all of my books, including Rattlesnake Lawyer, my first book. In that moment, I felt like it was my first signing all over again.

One woman did not buy the book because there was a rattlesnake in it. She hated snakes. Another didn't buy the book because I admitted that there was a single utterance of the f word. You can't please everyone.

All in all, it was a great signing and a great time. Time to set up the next signing!

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