Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fiery Fortune Part II

Will the release of Rattlesnake Wedding make me a best selling author? Psychic Moonhawk Emeraldstar says yes! I think...

As I wrote earlier this morning, I was going to the Fiery Foods show for two reasons. First, to sample the best hot salsa around, and second to have Moonhawk read my cards. She's nearly blind and in a wheelchair, but she always seems to have good insight.

I found her in a quiet corner of the gigantic trade show. She told me to think of something specific.

I thought of the book release in two weeks. I was going to give the cards in order, but I'm sure that it's bad luck. There was a Devil card as well as a star card.

I was hopeful that "the star" was the outcome card. She said that the devil card is, but that is not necessarily bad. I then asked her if I could be even more specific. She said to try again.
This time I closed my eyes and focused on the book release and drew five cards.

The first card was a six of wands. She told me that six of wands is victory. She let out a whoop of joy. I noticed that she had a book of her own called Healing the Healers. I wonder what her cards said whether it would be a best seller.

I went out and tried some really hot salsa...

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