Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Laws & Loves Launches!

"Laws & Loves; Real Stories of the Rattlesnake Lawyer" will be released as an ebook in the next three weeks. It is my first work of non-fiction in ten years. The world has changed. Books have changed. Hell, I've changed.

I had a vast stack of creative non-fiction lying in my trunks-- both electronic and physical. Amarillo in August: An Author's Life on the Road which came out in 2004 was my first mining expedition. It made the master list of southwestern books published that year. I'm not sure what that means either to be on a master list. Amarillo in August focuses on my literary life, Laws & Loves focuses more on my legal work.

When Amarillo was published, there was no It came out as an actual 35,000 word book that sold for $7.95. I would do book tours in my car. I drove to such places as Greeley and Grand Junction Colorado; Flagstaff, Arizona; and of course Lubbock and Amarillo. I was physically able to drive eight hours, take a shower in a Motel Six, chug a Red Bull and then sign for four hours. I sometimes sold as many as fifty books a day at a Borders or a Hastings. There are no Borders stores anymore, and Hastings now focuses more on used books. I get tired after two hours on the road.

I did drive four hours to a book event in Silver City last weekend, but coming back I had to pit stop at a hot springs in T or C to rest my tired muscles.

Laws & Loves is coming out electronically on amazon. It does not exist as a physical book. My first big drive will be to my thousands of "friends" and "connections" on linkedin. I hope to sell fifty books before I take a shower in the morning.

If all goes well, Laws & Loves will get a release as an actual book in a few weeks. Maybe I will go on tour again. I've heard that Amarillo is lovely in October.

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