Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Better Film "Better Call Saul" in Albuquerque!

We still don't know whether the Breaking Bad sequel, Better Call Saul, will film in Albuquerque. There's a chance it will cover Saul's early years in Chicago, or perhaps even his law school days at the University of American Samoa. As a practicing attorney in Albuquerque for too long, I would strongly suggest filming here. Nothing would be better....

Saul advertises on TV. His office on the show was in a strip mall. The interior was presumably shot on a sound stage, but the inside of the office was made up to look like that of  a Supreme Court justice, if that Supreme Court Justice had an interior designer on meth.  Saul's clientele consisted of mobsters and dubious personal injury victims.

In one scene Jesse sat with people who looked like they were auditioning for the Walking Dead. He lit up a joint to get attention and finally got ushered into Saul's office.

In Albuquerque, our actual legal community would be cinematic and deserves to be on the small screen. One real  law office on Rio Grande and Central has white columns like the White House and was allegedly the inspiration for the fictional Saul's office.

Ron Bell's ads back in the day make Saul's ads look reserved. I would love to see what would happen if Saul got his advertising hands on a bus like some of my attorney friends.

The members of the Albuquerque legal community have had many shenanigans of their own that would make great plots. One attorney allegedly shot one of his clients. That's a script for Saul that writes itself. The late Judge Bob Schwartz had some great one liners that are preserved in transcripts. Schwartz's mustache alone was worthy of an episode or two. He isn't going to sue, so take his best lines...

Not to mention the beauty of our state looks great on the small screen. There are a million shows set in Chicago. Boring...

So Vince Gilligan, you better film Better Call Saul here.

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