Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Next Breaking Bad and National Novel Writing Month

Where is the next Breaking Bad-- a story set in New Mexico with a morally ambiguous lead? Who will write it? With National Novel Writing Month, I'm going to try to write it in the month of November....

 I have a basic plot in my head already. Our main character is attacked while climbing alone the ridge at Kachina Peak in Taos. With his keys and ID missing, his office is burglarized and client files compromised...somehow this leads to a tale of international intrigue, along with meth manufacturing.

A few years ago, I did several trials involving meth trafficking and manufacturing. Needless to say. I won a few, hung some, and lost a few. There will be a trial at the end of Act II.

Spoiler alert, the simple meth lab out in the desert is going to have some link to international intrigue.
If there are any mysterious strangers that show up offering to help, they will be bad.

I do want to have a scene that takes place in Los Alamos. You already know there will be a strip club scene. Is there a strip club in Los Alamos? Well, there is now!

For some reason Act III the story ends in Hawaii on top of the volcano you can ski down. I have never been to the Hawaiian volcano you can ski down, but writing about it, gives me the incentive to get there. I have been to Hawaii, so I will try to get the Hawaiian scenes perfect.

Since the last book was Rattlesnake Wedding, this one will be called Rattlesnake Honeymoon.

And this first draft will be written within 30 days....

By the way, here's the link to my latest book, Laws & Loves.!

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