Friday, October 18, 2013

Boulder on my Shoulder

My writing career began in Boulder, Colorado with a letter to the editor. I was a frat boy there, a sophomore, and I wrote a letter to the editor in response to a negative letter regarding fraternities. The other fraternity members gave me some positive feedback on a Friday afternoon over a few beers.
Positive feedback was "I didn't know you can write," which was said by the house bully...

 I took a Creative Writing class that year as well, but I don't remember a single positive comment from a classmate. I don't have anything I wrote from that class at all. That class almost encouraged me not to write again.

I would transfer from Boulder my junior year and graduate from Cornell. I returned to Boulder to attend Law School. I was not a natural at legal writing, however I did become the Editor of the law school's newspaper. We were the voted the third best in the nation, one issue that included my editorial was number two in the nation.

In some ways it was luck, a story fell onto our laps. A teacher was denied tenure and there was a brief occupation of the Dean's office. I didn't write the story, but it came under my leadership. By the way, the teacher gave me a D, but that's another story...

I would say that the exact moment that my writing career began was the day the newspaper came out and I stood in front of the library handing it out to my fellow students. One of the best days of my life. It was a feeling that I would not get until years later when I saw my first novel come out.

My reunion is coming up next week. I can't wait. If only I had something to give out....Oh wait, I do...
Then again, I can always write a letter to the editor about fraternities...!

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