Friday, October 4, 2013

Was Breaking Bad just a Bad Dream?

Several articles have suggested that the ending of Breaking Bad was just a dream--Walt froze to death when he got into the car in New Hampshire, and the next hour and fifteen minutes took place in his head. The proponents of the dream theory state that everything in the finale seemed like Walt's wish fulfillment and that somewhere there's an outtake of Walt falling asleep in the car to the sounds of Marty Robbins' El Paso song.

Walt literally gets away with murder. He is presumably the most wanted man in America and yet was still able to drive across country, and make it past armed guards to see Skyler and Walt Jr. It's all very easy, too easy . . .

Opponents of this theory point out that Jesse has a dream himself within the episode, and that Walt would not have known that it was Jesse's secret desire to make a box in shop class. A dreaming Walt would also not know the layout of the Nazi compound.

The shootout at the Nazi compound was also a problem for me, even if Walt wasn't dreaming. The Nazis all seemed to know where to stand so they would be shot. It might have been bad physics, or even bad strategy, but it was still good television.

I think we all want it to be a dream, because it would be great if Walt were to be revived in the car and perhaps be able to keep on cooking next season...

Maybe he can join forces with Jesse and the young Brock and move somewhere exotic--Hawaii perhaps. Or better yet, Cuba....Breaking Bad can really become Scarface after all.
Speaking of Scarface, there was a computer game that begins with Tony picking himself up and continuing with his adventures. I'd buy a Breaking Bad game, wouldn't you?
Hell, Breaking Bad is going to be on this Sunday instead of Low Winter Sun....

Or am I just dreaming . . ..

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