Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Longest Day of the Year

Is today or tomorrow the longest day of the year? It is strange to see the sun before six in the morning. I get up, but as I've said I don't write very well in daylight. Yesterday, I attempted to edit a novel over the lunch hour. The brighter it gets, the dimmer my creative mind gets. When it's over ninety degrees, my IQ goes down to the low 80s.

Solstice is bad for the soul.

I also don't write well in the heat. My mind wants to find a swimming pool. Last summer, I went to the swimming pool at the Sandia Resort and tried to write something. That didn't really work either. I didn't mention the bar was open at lunchtime, did I? The bikinis didn't help either.

I write best in December. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin-- and it's always about the Benjamins--early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and able to write a thousand words before dawn. In December, I get up before dawn, it's cold out. I put on a sweat shirt, grab an energy drink and I'm typing away within minutes.

I was born in the summer, this time of year. I wonder why I am less productive--perhaps my body was just getting used to things, and wanted to chill out, literally...Every summer, I regress to my first days.

Well, the best thing about the solstice, whether it's today or tomorrow, is that the days are going to get shorter again.  It's almost time to start writing.

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