Monday, June 17, 2013

A Numbers Game

Within the next few hours, I should find out if this blog is one of the top twenty entries in the Southwest Writers contest in the non-fiction category. I should also have my three thousandth hit. Which is more important? I'm not sure . . .

The contest is part of my master plan at world domination...sort of. I've won the category before and taken second last year. Assuming I make the top twenty and then make the top three, this blog has a real chance of becoming an ebook. If I win the category, it can become a real book. If I win the contest, I can actually follow in the footsteps of another winner and become a best selling author who travels around the world.

I don't really expect to win the category when the finals are announced in September-- a descendant of Isaac Newton might be submitting 5,000 words on gravity. Dr, Ruth might be submitting something about sex. Or perhaps someone has an entry about zero gravity sex that will revolutionize everything.

I have several speaking engagements already lined up. For the next few months at least, I can be introduced as someone in the top twenty in the contest and tell people to "cross their fingers." If I don't win, am I morally obligated to tell them that I didn't place in the contest? No, but I will certainly feel guilty.

As for the three thousand hits, I am also well aware that some people get 3,000 people a day, or 3,000 people a sentence. Still, there is some satisfaction in knowing that a few dozen people read this every day.

You all will probably keep or lose.

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