Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Next Book?

I should have a book coming out this fall, I just don't know which one. It's like Shakespeare saying "Should I put out Hamlet or MacBeth" next?" Yeah right...

The Southwest Writers project is a go for November 15. It will be a collection of member submissions. Considering the incredible talent within the group, the book should be fantastic. My credit will be "executive producer." What does that mean? I'm not sure, but if my name is on it, I'm going to work extremely hard to make sure it's the best possible product.

It will be the perfect time for me to have a book of my own out there, but what?

I've already submitted the first fifty pages of this blog to Southwest Writers in the Non-fiction book category under the name "Rattlesnake Blogger." As of this writing, I don't know if it even made the top twenty. If I don't even place, this blog will probably die a natural death in the bowels of my computer. However, if the blog wins the category, or God Forbid wins the grand prize, then Rattlesnake Blogger will be available for order on November 15.

Suppose Rattlesnake Blogger does not win anything, then what? I have my collection of short non-fiction called Laws and Loves ready to go. I even have a cover model and a possible publicist. I can print the entire 90,000 words of it at once, or divide it into segments. There have been a lot of laws and a lot of loves.

But wait, there's more . . .I have two completed manuscripts that are currently owned by my publisher. I still have my old modern western. (An old modern western, that's fun to say). I wrote a thriller set on the Navajo Nation a few years back that my publisher has the right of first refusal. The book uses my existing characters, but it just feels different in tone from my other work, more like Breaking Bad than something good. If they reject it, I might just put it out myself.

The one thing that is NOT coming out in the immediate future, is my legal thriller set in the far future. Or will it? My publisher could conceivably give me the rights to that as well and that could sneak out there.

So stay tuned. Then again, Shakespeare also had King Lear waiting to go as well.

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