Saturday, February 9, 2013

Read the Book. Take the Tour!

My romantic legal thriller, Rattlesnake Wedding, comes out on Valentine's Day. It details the love story between two lawyers, Dan and Luna, as they travel across the southwest. If you read the book, will you want to take the tour? We'll soon find out.

At the back of the book, I've provided a travel guide with information about each of the places that they visit. Dan and Luna have dinner at the High Finance restaurant on page 300. If that sounds intriguing, you can have the same meal. Even better, we've provided a coupon for a free dessert.

Dan and Luna take three trips during the course of the book. In the beginning they're exploring a little known corner of New Mexico. The book opens at Valles Caldera Nature preserve, a scenic pastoral valley created by a volcanic explosion thousands of years ago. As they drive down Route 4, they stop at the ruins of Jemez State Monument, they also realize that they might be followed. After a brief incident at Santa Ana Star casino, they have a delicious dinner at the Corn Maiden restaurant. Dan calls Luna his "corn maiden" over delicious buffalo rotisserie, setting up a theme of Native American mythology..

On their next trip, Dan and Luna drive from Albuquerque to Las Vegas on Interstate 40, and then cut up on Route 93 from Kingman. The book details some of the sights along the way in both directions and gives some help on where to stop in Las Vegas. On this trip, Dan gathers up the courage to propose to Luna, with hilarious and touching results. Whether the traveler will also propose on this trip, is up to them.

The final trip involves a family vacation to Carlsbad Caverns, where Luna takes along her daughter from a previous relationship. There's an accurate description of the caverns tour which any family can relate to and of course a link to the Carlsbad website.

Unfortunately, as the book went down from 120,000 words to 85,000, some trips had to be cut. The romantic trip to Inn of the Mountain Gods where Dan realizes that he loves Luna is one of my favorite chapters as well as a great couples weekend getaway. Hopefully, that chapter will appear in a "collector's edition," along with the links.

The back of the book also provides some information on Albuquerque locations, both high and low on the tourist list. For the high, there's the aforementioned High Finance restaurant. There's also links to more information about the District Court where the big trial takes place as well as the wedding. The book gives contact information on how to book your own wedding. Finally, there's a link to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque if like Dan and Luna your adventures get out of hand. The book does NOT give a link to the fictionalized gentlemen's club where Dan goes on his bachelor party.

As this is a romantic thriller, there are some speed bumps in the romance. Something tragic occurs in a prominent Albuquerque hotel. Hopefully, readers will look past the tragedy and still book an event there. There's a listing just in case. 

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