Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Am Not My Main Character!

Now that people are reading my new novel, Rattlesnake Wedding, I worry that they will confuse me with my main character. Well, I am not him. Seriously.

My main character apparently inherited money from his Dad and is floating through life when the story begins. He falls in love with a woman with a ten year old and then meets the father of said ten year old. The father, Marlow is accused of kidnapping and the main character is stupid enough to defend him.

In reality that would never happen. If I got a call on a case like that I would refer it away.

People read my books in jail. One guy wanted me to "set him up" with the Luna Cruz character when he got out of jail. I told him that she was fictional, he didn't care. "I've got fictional charges too. Maybe she can help me."

The main character supposedly lives in the Bank Lofts on Second and Central, a building I chose because I have never seen a light on in ANY of the nine stories of the building. His office is in a converted bank vault or something like that.

The wedding takes place in the atrium of the District Courthouse, but unfortunately there is a shooting at the reception at a nearby hotel. Thankfully, neither event happened in real life. I had a very nice wedding where the worst thing that happened was that the DJ played "Under the sea" as our first song rather than "And he kissed me."

Still, I went to every place mentioned in the book and used my own memories to re-construct the scenes. I imagined my own dialogue in certain situations. I was crying as I wrote the final scene, even though I have never suffered a loss like the main characters do.

There is a scene where the main character sits next to an author at a "gentlemen's club." That author isn't me, either.

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