Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Write, Talk, Seahawk: Richard Sherman Author?

If the Seahawks win the Superbowl, their cornerback Richard Sherman will get a book deal. Count on it. Hopefully, he will not taunt his fellow authors as he taunted Michael Crabtree. He might even outsell mystery writer Michael Connelly but Michael Connelly is a better writer than Michael Crabtree.

I've only read one sports autobiography, that of Dennis Rodman. It was written before Rodman went to North Korea, so I am hoping that he writes another chapter. Rodman's North Korean adventures could actually make a decent film, if only we could find someone who could portray Rodman as well as Rodman portrays himself.

Back to Sherman and his rant. I've been a published author for twenty years, and it is a very competitive business, but thankfully writers do not taunt other writers. The closest thing to taunting that I've ever done was when the editor of another book group bragged about their anthology at our group meeting while our anthology was suffering through a production penalty phase. "Come talk to us if you want to know how to do it. "

When our book came out, I picked up our book and said "This is how you do it." No, the feud between an Albuquerque and a Corrales writing groups does not compare to a feud between Seattle and San Francisco.

From all accounts, Sherman is a very intelligent man, a graduate of Stanford, which is a school that I did not get into. I do look forward to reading his biography and I do hope that it inspires youth to stay in school and pursue their athletic dreams.

Hopefully, WHEN the book is published he will treat his fellow authors with more respect than he treats his fellow players.

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