Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Better Film Better Call Saul in ABQ...Please!

Vince Gilligan, I'll say it again...You better film "Better Call Saul" in ABQ! We know that the show will premiere in November. We still don't know whether the setting will be here or in Chicago or both.  Think of all the TV shows and films set in Chicago--Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, not to mention ER, Home Alone and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. As a practicing criminal defense attorney in Albuquerque who is the author of eight and counting legal thrillers, Albuquerque would create a unique setting for a show . . .

Several publications have noted that Breaking Bad had scenes that seemed to be taken out of a western. Albuquerque has that and more . . .At the risk of sounding morbid, so many crime shows begin with the discovery of a dead body. The show could portray that scene in so many locations without repeating itself. Saul can be standing over a body in the mountains, along the river, the desert, a casino or in front of his office without leaving the Second Judicial District. The Santa Fe courthouse is sixty miles away and it could be even more visually exciting. I once did a docket call on a felony case in a double wide trailer. Can Chicago say that????

Albuquerque is an eclectic mix of cultures. Breaking Bad barely touched on Native American characters, but Saul could open up that world. I have never seen a Native American lawyer on American TV. We certainly wouldn't see that in Chicago.

Albuquerque has stories to tell and people to tell them are already here. Our film crews are the equal to any in the country, but we also have a community of writers here that haven't been tainted by Hollywood.

When I was in film school at AFI in LA, I  wrote a "spec script" of "The Practice," a show set in Boston. I had never been to Boston when I wrote that script. Hopefully a whole generation of writers will be working on their "Better Call Saul" scripts, but they better come to Albuquerque to get it right!

By the way, I have a great idea for a feature, Ferris Bueller retires to Rio Rancho, but that's another story.

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