Monday, January 13, 2014

Breaking Globes

I am part of the Breaking Bad tour. I work in the building whose exterior portrayed Tuco's hideout. A tourist snapped my picture yesterday as if I had something to do with it. With the win at the Golden Globes last night, I have a feeling that Breaking Bad is going to truly break...globally. Does that break bad or good for Albuquerque?

There is no doubt that Breaking Bad was good for Albuquerque while it was filming here. It employed many locals and literally put Albuquerque on the film map. Another series, Killer Women is filming here now. Sofia Vergara is one of the producers, but I haven't heard of any Vergara mania yet.

I can't count the number of times my out of town friends asked me about various locations. I myself posted a pic of myself at the Breaking Bad car wash --the Octopus on Menaul and Eubank. After posting the pic, I had nearly thirty "likes" on Facebook during the hour and thirty minute detailing process. Defintely a break for the good.

I didn't like when I was constantly asked whether Albuquerque's meth problem was as bad as it was portrayed on the show. I do agree with Vince Gilligan's assertion that Jesse Pinkman's teeth were too white for a meth addict. that's a break for the bad.

The Golden Globes were sponsored by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Breaking Bad is now going to get more global attention, long after many of us have moved on. A Japanese women was looking for the mythical "Fargo treasure" in Minnesota, long after that movie aired. Will Australian tourists come to Tuco's hideout in ten years? That could break either way...

Congrats to Bryan and everyone involved in the show. Break a leg!

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