Thursday, January 9, 2014

Prose and Comicons

This weekend I will be signing books at the ABQ Comicon with another author. I have argued felony cases before 12 angry jurors, but selling books to someone dressed as the Green Lantern can be far more challenging.

I have only one book that is even closely in the Comicon context--Lawyer Geisha Pink is the story of a lawyer who thinks she's a superhero, she's not, she just thinks she is. That book is perhaps the only legal thriller-anime hybrid in existence. It always gets a great response. People that are interested in that book see it as a gateway to my other work. I also have a book on writing which is welcomed by other creative people.

Rattlesnake Lawyer my first novel has several Superman references. I have some Star Wars mythology in my other books. So while my books might not seem to be in the fantasy realm, I would call them fantasy adjacent.

I was a comic book geek growing up. I was more Marvel than DC. I did have X-men 1, which my mom threw away when I went away to college. it might have been able to pay for college if we had kept it. I loved the Fantastic 4, Thor, Dr. Strange and the Avengers. I never really liked Batman growing up. However, I must admit that I cried at the end of the final Batman film.  Yes, I actually cried.

I do feel a sense of community, a sense of innocence when I go to these events. I'm channeling my inner 15 year old who rushed to the Comic Book store for the new releases as opposed to the attorney author who worries about what is deductible on my tax releases.

I am working on a science fiction manuscript right now. Hopefully, I won't just be a vendor in the future, I will be a speaker. Perhaps someday, the person in the Green lantern costume will dress up like Lawyer Geisha Pink.

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