Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TV or not TV

I saw myself on television last night. The Bulls-Heat game wasn't particularly interesting, and I was appearing on the Art Talk program so I switched over to channel 27, the local cable access. Honestly, I would rather watch Lebron dunk than watch myself talk.

I once had a show on Channel 27, the Rattlesnake Review show. This was in the days before DVDs and I could easily cue up videos and do movie reviews. I loved it, but with the advent of disks, it became too technically difficult for me to do the program. The people at Channel 27 are great, with one exception. I was terrified of a certain host who gave me a dirty look every time her program was on the same day as mine.

The show was taped in the basement of a building at UNM, but once I sat down and the staff miked me, I felt like I was in Rockefeller Center. Sherri Burr was the host of the Arts Talk program and she has interviewed some big names as they pass through New Mexico. There was studio audience of students who actually prepared questions for me.

After a few moments of stiffness, the twenty-five minutes passed quickly, and I felt like I was on. Hell, I was the Lebron James of legal fiction, or at least the Dwayne Wade as I handle everything that Sherri and her students threw in my direction. Hell, I could have been in Madison Square Garden.

Did anyone see the program? I don't know. Lebron might have had more points than I had viewers. Back in the day, Shaq probably would have made more free throws than I had book sales.

Yet for twenty-five minutes I was a star, still when the show was over, I switched over to the game. Here's the link to my site to see the show.


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