Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Milk, Coffee, Bananas and Books

This Saturday afternoon, I will be doing a book signing at the Triangle Grocery Store in Cedar Crest with two other authors. I can imagine some hapless spouse at the store, staring at a grocery list on his or her phone. Hopefully, books are listed after bananas as something to buy.  Are books in aisle one or aisle two?

Would books be considered meat or dairy?

Books are commodities just like breakfast cereal, but you can't get Cap'n Crunch delivered electronically to your kindle, so groceries will survive, while bookstores are closing every day. Other places like Hastings have shifted from new books to used books. It's not pretty out there. Authors have to get out in public to meet potential readers where the readers are. People buy books on amazon based on the recommendation of their friends and their friends shop at grocery stores like Triangle grocery in Cedar Crest.

I don't know how I was selected to be one of the authors to sign at the store. I'm thinking that since I was one of the authors at the nearby Moriarty Authors for Literacy event, my name was on a poster at the store.  The manager probably got my name that way. I'll have to ask. but it doesn't really matter.

It would be great if the other authors are JK Rowling of Twilight and whoever wrote the Hunger Games, but I'm sure they are other local authors just like me. We are all supportive of each other, but it will be "game on" when we all sit together. It will be like the competition between clerks on who stacks groceries the quickest...

I am really looking forward to this. Cedar Crest is a scenic town in the East Mountains outside Albuquerque. There isn't a book store in the area as far as I know. People in the East Mountains are readers, so I'm glad we are taking the books to them at a place they are going to anyways.

Like it or not, this will be the future of book selling. I sure hope someone says "I'll take a bunch of books please. How much are they a pound?"

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