Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Billion Dollar Blog

You've heard that Yahoo bought Tumblr for a billion dollars. Blogging is a billion dollar business, just not for the bloggers themselves. is already owned by Google and was bought for "undisclosed terms"  according to wikipedia. As is bigger than Tumblr, I'm sure that that "undisclosed" means at least a billion dollars, maybe more. Am I entitled to a cut?

Several thousand people have read this blog this year. Are Larry and Serge of Google making money off of me? Lord knows that Zuckerberg of Facebook sure is.

Where does that billion dollars of value come from? I'm not exactly an economist, but I'm sure I added a dollar here or there. I'm one of the hundreds of millions or so people in the world writing a blog. I'm not exactly sure how my readers arrive at this page, I would assume through Google or Facebook. If it takes you ten minutes to read this blog, you spend an extra ten minutes on the site, and presumably check out ads or do more searches. If memory serves, keeping people on the site is stickiness. For better or worse, this blog makes things sticky!

Instead of blogging about writing, I should go back to blogging about celebrities like I did for I did get paid for that, especially if I wrote about certain celebrities. What would pay the most? Maybe if I blogged about sex. It sure worked for that Carrie Bradshaw...

Nahhhh....I will keep blogging about what I want to blog about and hopefully you will keep reading. I am blogging for love not money. But still, a billion dollars.....

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