Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Take me to my reader!

As an author of seven novels, I'm having a unique experience--I'm seeing a stranger read all seven books straight through in order. Now, a daily part of my life is going to her building and finding out what she thinks of the latest chapter. She's on book five and so far, so good, although she is mad at me for killing off a major character.

Shhhh....that character is coming back, but I can't tell her. I'm not allowed to talk about any future books. I wonder if JK Rowling or the guy who wrote Game of Thrones could say that.

In order to protect her identity, let's just say she is a receptionist for a large entity that I frequently visit on business in the course of my day job. She was already part of my target demographic which seems to be women over sixty. My target demographic does not include young Hollywood producers unfortunately, but that's a different story.

She knew I had written a new book and had a coupon for "I'm looking for a new series of book to read over the lunch hour," she said. "Where do I start?"
"You might as well start at the beginning," I replied.

She started with Rattlesnake Lawyer and loved it. I was a little worried about my second novel, Crater County, which I considered my sophomore slump novel. She liked it even better than Rattlesnake and soon went onto the third one, Volcano Verdict. When I saw her a few days later, she was shaking her head. "I didn't see that coming," she said, regarding the ending. She had made it through in less than four days. She immediately purchased Book 4, La Bajada Lawyer and had it overnighted....

After Volcano Verdict, her boss moved the receptionists behind a metal detector and an armed guard. I now have to be frisked before I can ask her what she thinks of page 220. As I've said, I am a little worried that I might be detained by security for killing that character off in Book 5.

There are days when I don't bother to go through security and just poke my head into her building. I just give her a look. "Where are you?" I yell.

"They just had the trial scene," she will shout. I nod and then head back out the door.

She told me I had better start writing some new books soon. I will probably let her be the first person to read the manuscript for the science fiction book that won't be out for another year.

She is close to retirement age. If she moves to a retirement home, will I have to go there every day?

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