Monday, May 13, 2013

Blog of Frankenstein

"It's alive, Alive, I say!" Like Victor Von Frankenstein, I feel that my creation has come alive and is now dangerous. Yes, this blog officially has a mind of its own.

In the film, Mel Brooks film, Young Frankenstein, Igor told Dr. Frankenstein that he obtained a brain from a subject called "Abby Normal" and that enabled the monster to dance and sing. Well, this blog sprung from my own mind, and it is about to dance and sing in the Southwest Writers Contest.

Let me explain. I have won the non-fiction book proposal category of the Southwest Writers contest a few years ago with a collection on of non-fiction short stories. Last year, I entered an updated collection of stories and took second. I think the winner wrote something about sex. This year, I took the first fifty pages of this very blog that you are reading and sent it in to the contest.

Last year, I had to make a trip to Kinko's (excuse me Fed Ex Office. I will always call it Kinkos) and made three copies and then mailed it in, after remembering to write out a check. This year it was all electronic. I went to a website, uploaded the document, and then hit a link to paypal and left-clicked. I indeed felt like Dr. Frankenstein when the connection went through. My blog had left home for the first time.

Dr. Frankenstein lost control of his monster. I feel I have lost control of my own blog. I have a pretty good idea of who reads this every day when I post. There aren't that many of you, unfortunately.

Now, strangers are reading it and are making a determination of whether its any good, without any context. I think the judge is a New York editor who doesn't know the Rattlesnake Lawyer. The blog has to stand on its own two feet as it hopefully marches to the finish line. I do have a vision of the contest judges lining up with torches to burn it down, but I am optimistic. Potentially this blog could march all the way to a big time publisher's desk and out into the world. You've heard of the Bride of Frankenstein, well, I've created the Blog of Frankenstein.

"It's alive. It's alive, I say!"

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