Friday, November 22, 2013

The Hunger Games of Books?

Someone said that I should write something like the Hunger Games. Gee Thanks, right after I finish my Fifty Shades of Gray book featuring Harry Potter. I first heard of the Hunger Games series when I was doing a book signing at the old Borders up in Santa Fe. The Community Relations Manager was explaining the concept of the Hunger Games as she set up decorations for a Hunger Games theme party.
"You mean the kids fight to the death?" I asked
She nodded.
"And it's a book for kids?"
"Young adults," she said.
I didn't think it would work. "I don't get it. I am not hungry for the Hunger Games."

I did see the film, and was gripped by it. There was a scene when Jennifer Lawrence was hiding up in the tree and the other kids, armed with knives are looking for her. I can honestly say that that scene was the scariest scene that I have ever witnessed, and the only scene to give me nightmares. It sure didn't feel like a Young Adult story. I could honestly say that at the end of the story, I was indeed hungry for the next installment.

One of my books, Lawyer Geisha Pink, does venture into YA territory, although I will call it Young Adult Adjacent. One of the main characters is seventeen, and she does have a boyfriend her same age. Still the protagonist is in her thirties and a mother. The main character does have magical powers (or she might be mentally ill), so there was an element of empowerment. She was courted by a creepy old billionaire, and she also had to do a trial, and that took the book firmly out of YA territory. I realized something along the way, I can't write young characters very well.

I have thought of a way to do a Lawyer Geisha Pink sequel that would be like the Hunger Games featuring some of the younger characters of the book, give them a love triangle, and cool powers. Unfortunately, I don't think I could write it myself. If you are interested, then drop me a line.

Which brings me to a fundamental question--do we write for ourselves, or do we write for money? I have always written for myself, and generally about situations that I face.  I think my main audience is not a million teenagers all over the world, but it is me.

Perhaps that is why I am still hungry . . .

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  1. Stay hungry, my friend. That is when we are at our best and we can catch fire!