Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Keeping up with Katniss in ABQ

The Hunger Games will gross several hundred million over the last few days. Those of you writing your National Novel Writing Month manuscripts are certainly thinking about those numbers, but what about us humble ABQ bloggers, what kind of numbers are we looking at? Are the odds ever in our favor?

Well, no. As I approach five figures in hits over the course of this year, I'm very happy with triple digit days, unfortunately, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to how many people read this blog in a twenty-four hour span. I am hungry for hunger games numbers.

Or am I?

When I had my column for the Examiner, I would deliberately put in the word "pix" to boost search numbers. For some reason Lindsay Lohan and rehab were always good for a hit or two, or five hundred.  My biggest numbers ever, 10,000 in a day, happened when a football player was accused of murder. For a while, I seemed to be the examiner blog of record in the Amanda Knox case. I was the front lines of a comment war. I don't know if a thousand people a day were reading me, or reading the comments about me. I suppose the apex of my examinerhood was when Good Morning America actually showed a picture of my column online.

Unfortunately it didn't lead to any more hits. I gave up my examiner column, because I just couldn't write about celebrities any more.

If someone writes a column and nobody reads it, is it still a column?  My goal from here on in is to write about issues that I care about, primarily dealing with the creative process. My life affects my writing, my writing affects my life. Hopefully my writing about my writing life will help you write about life.

So maybe the odds are indeed ever in our favor, even if the numbers aren't....

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