Monday, April 29, 2013

Junk in my Trunk

I cleaned out my trunks last night and found thirty years of writing. Is any of it any good? If I get the magic phone call on my new novel, Rattlesnake Wedding,  just suppose someone asks me "What else have you got?"

What else indeed...

Supposedly Paramount has a salt cave in Missouri to store old scripts. I have a 5 by 5 storage cabinet. On the bottom I found a binder with football players in it that I bought in the sixth grade. It has TWO collection of handwritten  stories done when I was thirteen. The first is about superheroes, the second is a science fiction novel. The quality of the paper is poor, and the hand writing is practically in hieroglyphics. To decipher the writing would require not just a Rosetta stone, but a Rosetta stone mason. If they were deciphered, it would be the ramblings of a middle-school kid. If memory serves, there is also a scene with a robot. Let's just leave it at that.

There were also some old documents mixed in with my writings. I found my "coverage" of Rattlesnake Lawyer by Viacom in 1994. This is when the manuscript was in still  rough form, and yet the reader for Viacom loved it and said it had great potential and the vast conglomerate should "consider" it as a TV series. Right beneath it, was the article in the Albuquerque Journal that said I would be the next John Grisham. I nearly cried when I saw them both. What happened?

I went through some old scripts that lay in a pile in a corner of the trunk. I had a "spec" episode of the show called The Practice involving twins. If the show ever gets remade, perhaps I have a chance. I had to write a script for one class in four days by the end of the semester, and wrote something called  Vegas Valets about a group of wacky valets who have to save a dying casino (or something like that). I could see that becoming something if a team of wacky valets drive it over to a team of comedy writers to make the jokes funnier. I also found a script about a school shooting that needs "just one more re-write." I always vowed to rewrite it when there is a lapse from violence in the world. It will never happen and I will never show it to anyone. Ever.

I did find one gem, a published article "Sweet and Sour Romance" from ten years ago that was somehow lost on my computer after a crash and the paper ceased publication.
It actually holds up ten years later. All I need to do is pay someone to re-type it or type it myself.  That might never happen either.

I also found  two paragraph "episode ideas" that were supposed to go into Rattlesnake Lawyer if it became a series, some of them were clever. So yes, there's some funk in my trunk.
The question is how to take the funk to the bank.

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