Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gallup on the Road to Damascus, Part II

As I was just interviewed on, (the interview will stream live on Thursday at 2 PM) I'm writing about a fateful trip to the Gallup area. In yesterday's blog, I had visited Gallup and had just gone up to the Window Rock itself...Here's Part II....

I stared into the blue sky in the "window" of the Window Rock and had an undeniable spiritual experience. Everything in the whole universe, past, present and future made sense.

Window Rock has long inspired writers and film makers. James Cameron for example. It couldn't be a coincidence that the Navi's sacred rock formation in Avatar had a distinct resemblance to the Navajos' Window Rock. I don't know if he had been here, but he must have felt the same thing that I felt.

There was also an episode of the original Star Trek, "The City on the Edge of Forever," where there was a "window" in the rock much like this. On the other side of that window, Kirk and Spock could see all of the past, present and future. In that episode, they even went  through the portal and changed the course of history. I'm not even going to talk about all the Star Gate TV series.

I felt I had that power.

I literally stared at the window for another few minutes, and didn't say a word. I might have had a vision, but I can no longer remember it. It must have melted away, moments later. I wonder if I can still get it back from hypnosis?

I finally turned around from the rock,and got back into my car and started driving back home. It was totally quiet in my car. Almost too quiet. I usually received 70 phone calls a day as a lawyer. Was there a magical field that was blocking all communication? If so, that field lasted for several miles.

As I came to the outskirts of Gallup, when I saw the first gas station, and that magical energy field must have died.  My cell phone started ringing again.

I pulled off the road by the Wal-Mart near I-40, and then had one of the worst calls of my life....

To be continued....

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