Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Writer's Vacation

This is the first December in several years that I am not working on a book or a screenplay. That might be a good thing. I am concentrating on building my law practice right now. I am spending my mornings. thinking about motions to suppress rather than moving surprise endings.

I also did not set up any book signings this holiday season. Book events on Saturdays were like another work day for me.  I found myself drained at the end of a day of asking random people if they were looking for a good gift.

This wasn't my original intent. I had started writing a book during National Novel Writing Month, and made it to 8,000 words. I had the whole thing mapped out, and then suddenly I lost the thread. I can't just jump in any more, because I don't remember how it started or how it will end. I'm going to let it marinate for a little bit.

I do have an excess of literary inventory right now. I have tow finished 80,000 word manuscripts. I also have a trove of non-fiction which I can turn  into another non-fiction e-book. I probably should go back and clean out the vaults and make the existing stuff perfect.

2014 is looking promising. I just learned today that my ebook "Laws & Loves"  is probably going to come out in print in the next few months. I am listed as an editor of the Southwest Writers Anthology which also comes out soon. I am not THE Editor but I got an "AND" credit. That's much like the cast of the film "A Few Good Men." The cast was billed as "Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Keifer Sutherland, AND Jack Nicholson." I am the Jack of the Anthology.

I do have some signings already set up in January. I have s speech already set up for June at Southwest Writers. I will write again.

So this is not a writer's block. It is a writer's vacation.

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