Saturday, December 7, 2013

Anchorman Angst or Ron Burgundy Blues

Can you hype fiction too much? Yesterday, I saw Ron Burgundy interview Peyton Manning on ESPN, and Ron Burgundy has turned into vinegar. As an ABQ author trying to land a film deal, I wonder if I have hyped myself so much that my burgundy has gone bad as well.

On the one hand, the Anchorman marketing has been brilliant. The ads for Dodge were funny as well. The fact that I remember that the ads were for Dodge indicates that they raised awareness for the product. They worked both for Dodge and for Anchorman.

Will Ferrell as Burgundy did the news on a North Dakota station, and hundreds of thousands of people did the clip.  I did as well. Burgundy spoke at a real journalism school in Boston for real students. The backlash started there perhaps, when supposedly some students grumbled. Here was an actor promoting a film making fun of what they hope to do for a living.

The interview with Manning was actually quite funny for the first few minutes, but like Manning against the Patriots, it started strong and then faded. Burgundy is going to be on the cover of ESPN the Magazine as well. How many more fake interviews can there be?

Which brings us to this blog. I check my numbers everyday, and you can graph them over the course of a three day cycle. The first day will be big, the second day a little smaller and the third day will be smaller still. And then all of a sudden, the numbers will pick up and then decline again. I have no idea who is actually reading this blog, and whether new people come in on the first day and leave on the third.

Do I write too much? Do I post too much in too many groups? Guilty as charged on both counts.
However, I still pray that someday that I too will be overexposed and my burgundy will be in your wine cellar. I promise I won't do the news in North Dakota.

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